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General Disclaimer / Waiver of Liability

The content in this website is based on the opinions of the author, which he forms after conducting some research on the topic. All information in this website is considered unofficial advice, and it is therefore not a certified source for medical or legal advice. This site and its owners do not take in any way responsibility for the users’ actions. I am also not responsible for the publishing of content from this website on other sites or media.


Privacy Policy

I don’t share your personal information with third-parties. I also don’t store information about your visit to this website, with two exceptions: the use of cookies in order to analyze content performance (which you can turn off by modifying your browser settings), and the collection of your email address if you choose to subscribe to the mailing list.


Disclosure Policy

This is a website written and edited by me. The articles represent my opinion which is based on what I was able to find out through research. However, please keep the following things in mind:

  • The views and opinions expressed on this website are purely my own; I do not purport to represent anyone else.
  • While I always base my writing on what I believe are viable sources, none of this is guaranteed to be correct. Any claim that you find on this website should be verified using your own research process.
  • I may sometimes recommend certain products on this site, or use affiliate links. If I do this, it’s because I believe that the item at hand is relevant to the information presented on the site.


I may update these disclaimers and policies at a later date. They are currently valid as of June 11th, 2017.


For questions about the website, or any of my policies, please contact me through the contact page.


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